Can you solve this viral maths question in 5 seconds?

Aug 09, 2023 09:44 AM IST

Do you enjoy solving maths problems? If so, we have a fun brain teaser for you to try out.

Looking for a quick brain teaser to challenge your math skills? Well, a new one has gone viral on the Internet, and it’s leaving people scratching their heads. It features a seemingly simple maths question, and the challenge lies in solving it in five seconds or less. So, if you think of yourself as a math whiz, give it a shot.

Only the most brilliant minds can solve this maths problem in under five seconds.(Instagram/@mathcince)
Only the most brilliant minds can solve this maths problem in under five seconds.(Instagram/@mathcince)

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The question was shared on the Instagram handle @mathcince. The question reads, “Maths test! -92 + 81=?” Are you up for the challenge? Your time starts now…

Take a look at the viral brain teaser below:

Since being shared on July 13, the maths question has gone viral with over 5.5 million views. Several people tried solving the brain teaser and shared answers in the comments section. Were you able to solve it? Share your thoughts on what you think the answer is.

Here’s what people are saying about this viral brain teaser:

“All answers other than 0 are wrong,” claimed an Instagram user. Another added, “-9 isn’t in brackets. So ans is 0. -(9X9)+81=-81+81=0.”

“A huge difference between (-9)^2 and -9^2. Think before you solve,” wrote a third.

A fourth joined, “My mind says 162 but my calculator says 0.”

“For everyone that said that the correct answer is 0. You are all wrong because -9x(-9)= +81 (- x - = + normal algebra) +81+81= 162. So if you don’t believe me or the other people who tried hard to make you do the maths right, ask Google or use a calculator,” posted a fifth.

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