'Real life Transformer' leaves Anand Mahindra impressed

Published on Aug 09, 2023 01:39 PM IST

A BMW car modified as a Transformer has left Anand Mahindra in awe of it. Here's what the industrialist had to say about it.

Anand Mahindra shared a video of a car turning into a Transformer.(Twitter/@anandmahindra)
ByVrinda Jain

This Danish man visited every country without using air travel

The man embarked on his journey with the goal of spending only $20/day. He faced numerous challenges but persevered to accomplish the seemingly impossible feat.

Torbjorn Pedersen from Denmark who has travelled across several countries. (Instagram/@onceuponasaga)
Published on Aug 09, 2023 01:25 PM IST

Woman tweets about engineer claiming he earns more as a cab driver

The woman took to Twitter to share about a conversation she apparently had with her cab driver about his earnings.

The woman's tweet about a driver's claims about his earnings has prompted a Twitter discussion (representational image). (Unsplash/@ishant_mishra54)
Published on Aug 09, 2023 01:07 PM IST
ByTrisha Sengupta

Suniel Shetty says 'fear is good,' shares lessons he learned in life

Actor Suniel Shetty has shared some wise words on how to face fears in life. He also talked about the times when he was afraid of perusing something new.

Suniel Shetty took to LinkedIn to share about his fears.(Instagram/@SunielShetty)
Published on Aug 09, 2023 12:52 PM IST
ByVrinda Jain

Can you solve this viral maths question in 5 seconds?

Do you enjoy solving maths problems? If so, we have a fun brain teaser for you to try out.

Only the most brilliant minds can solve this maths problem in under five seconds.(Instagram/@mathcince)
Published on Aug 09, 2023 09:44 AM IST

Woman’s Kathak performance to Mohe Rang Do Laal will wow you

After watching this stunning Kathak performance, several people said her moves are beautiful. Watch the video here.

Woman dancing to the song Mohe Rang Do Laal. (Instagram/@radhika_karandikar.kathak)
Published on Aug 09, 2023 08:26 AM IST
ByVrinda Jain

Baby buffalo charges at elephant, mama runs behind to stop it

A video captures how an elephant reacts to a baby buffalo charging at it. The video is hilarious yet sweet to watch.

The image shows a baby buffalo charging towards an elephant. (YouTube/@Latestsightings)
Published on Aug 08, 2023 10:38 PM IST
ByTrisha Sengupta

Marmot gets stuck in engine compartment of car, rescued

A marmot was rescued by professionals after it was found stuck in an engine compartment of a car. A vet was also called to the scene to look after the animal.

Snapshot of the marmot found stuck in the car engine compartment.(Facebook/@Lincoln Animal Control)
Published on Aug 08, 2023 09:54 PM IST
ByVrinda Jain

People want dog’s ‘musical masterpiece’ as their ringtone

A video shows a dog dressed in a super adorable custom ‘playing’ an electrical keyboard.

The image shows a dog playing an electrical keyboard. (Screengrab)
Published on Aug 08, 2023 08:05 PM IST
ByTrisha Sengupta

Ixigo CEO lauds Decathlon employee who is a professional cyclist

Aloke Bajpai, Ixigo CEO, heaps praise on a Decathlon employee named Shankar and his passion for cycling.

This image of a Decathlon employee named Shankar was shared by Ixigo CEO Aloke Bajpai. (Twitter/@alokebajpai)
Published on Aug 08, 2023 07:48 PM IST
ByTrisha Sengupta

Woman balances a bottle on her head while riding bicycle

The woman while riding a bicycle looks sideways at onlookers on the street without dropping the bottle placed on her head.

The image shows a bottle placed on the head of a woman riding a bike. (Facebook/@Marielle Amaba)
Published on Aug 08, 2023 07:06 PM IST
ByTrisha Sengupta

MrBeast says his non-music video has created record, GWR replies

MrBeast claimed that his latest video is the most-watched non-music video on YouTube. The video has clocked more than 46 million views in 24 hours.

The video shared on YouTube has so far clocked 75 million views. (YouTube/MrBeast)
Published on Aug 08, 2023 06:06 PM IST

Sheep runs wild on football field, steals spotlight from players

Many football fans worldwide were left amused after a sheep escaped and ran towards the ground. Watch the video of the sheep here.

Snapshot of the sheep running towards the football ground.(Twitter/@ Saskatchewan Roughriders)
Published on Aug 08, 2023 05:33 PM IST
ByVrinda Jain

Man’s thumkas while dancing to Saare Ladko Ki stun people

A video shows a man acing the dance steps to the song Saare Ladko Ki from Aamir Khan and Madhuri Dixit's film Deewana Mujh Sa Nahin.

The man's thumkas has impressed people. (Instagram/@basantfaizabadi)
Published on Aug 08, 2023 04:34 PM IST
ByTrisha Sengupta

Boss calls woman 'unprofessional' after she fainted at work

When a woman fell sick at work her boss called her the next day and called her 'unprofessional'. This incident has angered many people.

When a woman fell sick at work her boss called her the next day and called her 'unprofessional'. This incident has angered many people. (Unsplash)
Updated on Aug 08, 2023 03:46 PM IST
ByVrinda Jain

How many circles? Test your eyes with this optical illusion

An optical illusion shared on Reddit has left people scratching their heads and wondering why it works that way.

Optical Illusion: Can you count the number of circles?(Reddit/@jsalsman)
Published on Aug 08, 2023 02:43 PM IST

Parents slammed for letting child spill food at a restaurant

A Redditor shared how a family did not stop their child from tossing food around at a restaurant. Many people have expressed disappointment over this incident.

Snapshot of the food thrown by a child at a restaurant. (Reddit/@ Cruiseman_80 )
Published on Aug 08, 2023 02:06 PM IST
ByVrinda Jain

Daredevil skydiver jumps on another skydiver mid-air for stunt. Watch

The video opens to show a person in a wingsuit who acted as the platform for another skydiver to jump on. The video was posted on Reddit.

The image shows a woman preparing to jump on the back of another skydiver mid-air. (Facebook/@Insta360)
Published on Aug 08, 2023 01:16 PM IST
ByTrisha Sengupta

Wife questions husband on $8/month X premium expense, chat goes viral

A wife discovered a mysterious ‘X Premium’ purchase made by her husband and confronted him about it. The man’s reaction to this has left people in stitches.

A screenshot of the message sent by wife to her husband. (Twitter/@anothercohen)
Published on Aug 08, 2023 12:52 PM IST

Trio's dance to Sahiba will leave you spellbound. Watch

Women's dance performance to the song Sahiba has gone viral on social media. Many people have said that their dance was simply ‘beautiful.’

Women grooving to the song Sahiba. (Instagram/@ Aiswarya Rashmi)
Published on Aug 08, 2023 11:41 AM IST
ByVrinda Jain

Zomato addresses woman’s ‘unfair’ container fee issue on Twitter

A Twitter user reacted to the woman’s tweet about ‘unfair’ container charge and wrote, “Container price is ₹4 in wholesale market. ₹60 is like 15x.”

Zomato explained that the restaurant levies the container charge.(Twitter/@khush_2599)
Published on Aug 08, 2023 10:14 AM IST

Group’s Kathak performance to Calm Down gets people dancing. Watch

After watching this well-choreographed routine, a YouTube user wrote, “It’s a visual treat for my eyes. Just loved it.”

Kathak dancers delivering a performance to Calm Down. (YouTube/Kumar Sharma)
Published on Aug 08, 2023 09:02 AM IST

After Bud Light, Harry’s Razors faces boycott for working with trans creator

Harry's Razors faces backlash for LGBTQ+ partnership with trans creator. Pride-centered promotion sparks debates on corporate activism and representation.

Harry's Razors faces backlash for LGBTQ+ partnership with trans creator. Pride-centered promotion sparks debates on corporate activism and representation.(Twitter)
Published on Aug 07, 2023 09:05 PM IST

Thief befriends dog to steal $1300 worth of bike

A video of a thief playing with a dog to steal an expensive bike was shared by San Diego Police. The police is currently in search of the man.

Snapshot of the thief playing with the dog.(Instagram/@San Diego Police Department)
Published on Aug 07, 2023 07:34 PM IST
ByVrinda Jain

“Male Lover Needed”: New York woman’s Craigslist listing goes viral on Twitter

A woman put up a request on Craiglist's real estate page looking for a lover.

A Craigslist user's unique post
Updated on Aug 07, 2023 06:37 PM IST

Indian Railway passenger shares pic of cockroaches in coach

A Twitter user travelling on a train shared a picture of cockroaches crawling all over his seat. His tweet to Indian Railways has collected several reactions.

Cockroaches in Indian Railway compartment. (Twitter/@AatifAli)
Published on Aug 07, 2023 05:11 PM IST
ByVrinda Jain

Woman swims 36 km from Worli Sea Link to Gateway of India

A viral video shows a woman swimming from the Worli Sea Link to the Gateway of India in Mumbai. Many people have appreciated her efforts.

Snapshot of woman swimming toward Gateway of India, Mumbai. (Instagram/@ Sucheta Deb Burman)
Published on Aug 07, 2023 04:08 PM IST
ByVrinda Jain

Viral video of air hostess welcoming parents in flight wins hearts

In a touching spectacle, an airhostess warmly greeted her parents on a flight. Her father can be seen having a proud look on his face.

An air hostess shared a video of welcoming her parents onboard the plane. (Instagram/@AsmitaJaatni)
Published on Aug 07, 2023 02:54 PM IST
ByVrinda Jain

You can only see this optical illusion with your eyes closed

This optical illusion can only be seen with your eyes closed. But how does it work? Find more about it here.

An optical illusion of the character Ken that you can see only with your eyes closed. (Instagram/@RishiDraws)
Published on Aug 07, 2023 01:49 PM IST
ByVrinda Jain

Woman reunites with childhood friend after 15 years through LinkedIn

A woman found her childhood friend on LinkedIn. She shared on Twitter about how she was able to find her after 15 years.

Thanks to LinkedIn, a woman was able to find her childhood friend.(Twitter/@Vedika)
Published on Aug 07, 2023 12:44 PM IST
ByVrinda Jain
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